Where to Find Homes for Sale Near Me

Lately, it seems as if almost every industry has faced some disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The one industry that has not only survived but thrived like never before was the housing industry. Homes were listed and sold within the blink of an eye. This phenomenon was incredible for those selling but created an extremely competitive market for buyers. At its height, buyers often offered more than the asking price to lock in a home. Though the jury is still out on how the housing market will be in 2022, one burning question still lingers in any market condition. Where to find homes for sale near me? Let’s look at a few options to help you find the home you want. 


Web Search

Leveraging the internet to help you find your next home can have its merits. However, there’s more to buying a home than a simple internet search. By entering specific search parameters, you may limit yourself to what you find. Therefore, your best course of action is to immediately find a trustworthy real estate agent. They will be more in tune with the available homes in your area and match them to your needs. Once they start pointing you in the direction of some good candidates, you can visit real estate listings and see pictures, descriptions, and more about the home. 


Old fashioned sightseeing

The more things advance, the more the old ways of doing things still prove valuable. Take a Sunday drive and look for homes on the market in the areas you wish to live. If they have a flier on the For Sale sign, take one, but write the address down. Contact your chosen real estate agent to get the details on the home and schedule a viewing.


Meet with your real estate agent

Having a one-on-one with your real estate agent is still perhaps the best way to find your next dream home. A trusted, local real estate agent has their ear to the ground when it comes to home listings. Not only do they know what is currently listed, but often they get inside information on homes that will soon be listed. 


As a local realtor, there is nothing that I enjoy more than placing people into the home of their dreams. Call me at 717-253-3259 (cellphone) or visit my website at www.karentavenner.com.


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