3 Tips to Help You Find the Realtor For You

March 22, 2023


Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process with many emotions. It is a big step in your life. Having a professional with the knowledge and care to support you through the entire process is helpful. Here are three tips for finding the best Realtor for your needs! Let’s first distinguish the difference between a Realtor, a real estate agent, and a broker:


What’s The Difference?


Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people buy and sell homes. Their role includes educating their clients about the current market conditions, guiding them through the process, and referring them to other professionals. Real estate licenses are issued by each state, and the requirements can vary.



Realtors are licensed agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Members joining the NAR must pledge to abide by the association’s standards and code of ethics. In addition, they must be actively helping folks buy and sell homes and pay an application fee and annual dues to the association. To obtain a Realtor license, agents must complete a certain amount of coursework and pass an exam.



Brokers are similar to Realtors, except they have completed additional education in the state where they are licensed. They usually own or manage real estate agencies with agents working under them.


Now, let’s dive into our tips for finding the best Realtor match for you!


Consider their experience and knowledge.

First, you want to ensure your Realtor understands the current housing market and the type of home you are looking to buy or sell. For example, if you are selling a house, check that your Realtor does not usually represent condominium sales. Also, the connections your Realtor has are important too – especially regarding location.  If you are seeking to move into a home in the country, try to choose a Realtor who holds connections in properties in this type of location – not in the city. If you are a first-time home buyer, you may desire a Realtor who can closely guide you through the entire process, so you feel more confident in your decisions. 


Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with them and their communication style.

An important aspect to consider when finding a Realtor is if your communication styles are compatible and you feel comfortable working with them. Since this will be your go-to person throughout the home buying or selling process, you want to reach them easily. Choose a Realtor who is responsive because then they can help you pivot your search, jump on popular properties, and devote time to you. Establish the best communication channel for you to contact one another, such as text or email. Finally, feeling a high level of comfort with your Realtor is crucial. You will be establishing a relationship of trust and experiencing many emotions throughout the process. You want to be able to express your feelings and concerns if you need to.


Review their overall success in the field.

The final tip is to look at their overall success with past clients. Ask your Realtor if they can pinpoint specific successes and stats to reflect them. You can even request to speak to past clients about their experiences working with the Realtor. A Realtor should advocate for their clients, and they should reflect this mentality. As advocates, they should be excited to show evidence of their successes for their clients.


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