4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Appraisal

October 12, 2022


Selling your home? Having your home professionally appraised is a requirement. While a home appraisal is a straightforward process, there are some things you can do to help increase the value of your home. 


Check out these four tips to help you prepare your home for the appraisal process and get the value you know your home deserves. 


Keep an eye out for chipped or peeling paint. 

Depending on the type of loan your buyer chooses, an appraiser will flag the home for chipped or peeling paint. If your outside deck is peeling, consider sanding and restaining prior to the appraisal. If you notice paint peeling from your bathroom ceiling, it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint. 


Highlight hidden gems. 

Does your home have character? Make sure that stands out to the appraiser. Highlight little details like original crown molding or hardwood floors. Do you live in an older home with classic features? Make sure the appraiser knows they are there. It’s pretty great what original French doors or a dumbwaiter can do for the value of your home, especially if they were treated well. 


Clean up. 

Will a tidy home increase the value of your home? No. But it will make the appraiser’s life easier and provide a positive impression. If an appraiser is impressed by the curb appeal or the moment they walk through the front door, you’ll immediately be on their good side. Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t do their job correctly – but it certainly doesn’t hurt! 

Pro tip: Adding a few fresh plants throughout your home can take the view of your house to the next level.


Check out the competition. 

When in doubt, see what everybody else is doing. Yes, the value of your home is based on the condition and features within the house, but it’s also determined by the value of other houses in your area. I recommend checking out local listings to compare and contrast. If you’re hoping to sell your home at a higher price, understanding the features of recently sold homes can give you an idea of what upgrades you need to make. 


If you are selling your home and looking for help preparing for the appraisal process, your real estate agent can help. Whether you need advice for upgrades or local listings pulled for research, a realtor has the resources you need to make the process easier.