Activities for Kids in Adams County

August 10, 2022

Activities for Kids in Adams County

Thinking about moving your family to Adams County? Or looking for something to do with younger kids? Regardless, numerous activities and organizations are available to you and your children in this area.


Pick your own fruits and vegetables. 

There are many benefits to picking your own fruits and vegetables. It’s great for the local economy, teaches kids about agriculture, and it’s fun! Adams County is known for its abundance of orchards and farms with plenty of PYO opportunities for families with kids of all ages. 


For more pick-your-own produce information, check out the details here: Adams County, Pennsylvania U-Pick Farms – 2022 


Get involved with Adams County Library

From reading clubs to summertime educational programs, Adams County Library has a reputation for being kid-centric. Some unique programs include 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, Summerquest,  STEAM, and resources for older kids looking to further their education. If you are searching for a fun yet productive program for your children and teens, we recommend looking into Adams County Library. 


Day Camps & Special Interest Clubs

Because Adams County is a versatile area, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to get involved with camps and clubs centered around activities that could interest them. Community centers offer day camps with sports and activities for your kids during the summer. There are also numerous clubs across the county where kids can focus on sports, animals, politics, agriculture, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and more.  


Local State Parks 

There is nothing better than teaching your kids about the great outdoors. So whether you and your family plan a day at the lake or you want your kids to get involved in some outdoor activities, there are numerous state parks in Adams County to check out. Our local parks offer typical hiking and exploration opportunities, but some also offer programs where kids and families can learn kayaking, archery, bowhunting, and general outdoor/nature education. 


We always have something fun to do in this community – especially if you have children. Considering moving to the area? Let me know if your kids have specific interests. I guarantee there is a place for them in Adams County. 


Call me at 717-253-3259 or visit my website at to learn more about the area. I’m happy to help you make Adams County your home.