How is technology affecting real estate?

June 22, 2022

How is technology affecting real estate?

Regardless of whether someone is looking to purchase or sell a home, what do you think is the first thing people do to get started? 


They look up the local listings on their mobile device or computer. 


Over the past few decades, technology has completely changed the real estate industry. Excluding the fluctuating real estate market, buying and selling property has never been easier with society’s unlimited access to the internet. People can easily compare local listings, research the market, get a quick estimate on their home, and connect with an agent without even dialing a phone number. 


Online listings make it extremely easy for potential home buyers to see what is available in the area they are planning to move to. Access to this information is also beneficial to a seller researching prices of similar properties. These sites don’t just offer photos and addresses – they provide local tax information, school district ratings, and neighborhood history. Depending on how much information the seller lists, a potential buyer can learn the entire history of their future home at their fingertips. 


With the popularity of online listings rising, many real estate websites have developed mobile applications to make viewing more accessible. People can download applications to their mobile devices, research potential properties, and enable notifications to be alerted when a house is available or the price changes. 


With improving technology, we also have more advanced photography and videography available to make online viewing better. For example, many homes and commercial properties now have 3D tour options where online viewers can navigate through a building with detailed photos and videos. Drone footage is also extremely popular with commercial buildings and retirement communities looking to show the property as a whole. 


Technology has also affected the way real estate agents approach their business. Transactions and the appraisal process are usually quicker due to e-signing capabilities. Instead of meeting with your real estate agent every time a document needs to be signed, buyers and sellers can provide their signatures electronically. New technology has also impacted how real estate agents market themselves – social media has become a popular and well-received tool for real estate professionals to get the word out about who they are. 


While the new technology has a lot of benefits, it won’t replace real estate agents working with potential buyers and sellers. So if you’ve been researching buying or selling a home in 2022, I can help! Call me at 717-253-3259 (cellphone) or visit my website at