How Selling Your Home is Like Playing Football

October 25, 2022

Fall is a wonderful time full of cozy campfires, warm apple cider, and of course, great football. While the season is already busy, it can be a great time to list your home, and surprisingly, the process is a lot like playing football.

A game plan is crucial. 

Just like a book of plays, ironing out a game plan before taking the field, or in our case, listing a home, is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Going straight into game day without ever practicing or reviewing everyone’s role during the selling process can spell disaster! Be sure you and your realtor are working as a team and sticking to the playbook. A game plan for selling your home is necessary at any point in the selling process!

There may be some fumbles.

Everyone hopes the selling process will go smoothly, but sometimes fumbles happen. Whether it’s an offer that falls through or issues on the inspection report, there may be some fumbles during the selling process that were or were not expected. The important point is to ensure that no “rookie mistakes” happen on either side of the play. Staying informed about the process of selling a home and what to expect can minimize the risk of fumbles, even if it doesn’t totally diminish them. How the team, you, and your realtor move forward from these fumbles will ultimately determine how quickly and well your home sells. 

The winning touchdown will be worth it.

The game may be grueling, but that final winning touchdown or accepting a great offer on your home will be worth the wait. To win, we must endure the long and sometimes frustrating time left on the clock, but when we are patient and keep playing, we will see a win in the end!

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