How to Add Light to Your Home

August 31, 2022

How to Add Light to Your Home

Regardless if you are selling your home or you just moved into a new house, lighting is vital in a home. These days, buyers are constantly looking for natural light in a house. 


There are many benefits to having natural light in the house – it helps with mental state, increases productivity, saves on energy bills, and it certainly keeps house plants thriving. Because of the benefits and high demand, I put together some ways to add more or better light to your home. 


Lighten up the window treatments.

Often, darker window treatments can make a room look darker. If you have darker blinds or curtains, consider switching to something lighter or transparent and it will automatically change the feel of the room. 


Clean your windows.

I know this one sounds a little silly, but it’s true. When your windows are covered in dirt, watermarks, or your dog’s precious “nose art,” it can prevent light from getting inside. You might think your windows are fine, but look at the cloth after wiping them off – you will be surprised. Don’t forget to clean the outside too! 


Change your color scheme.

Design trends are constantly changing. It wasn’t that long ago when darker interiors and shag carpets were all the rage. Today, interior design styles are cleaner, minimalistic, and bright. If you recently bought a house with some outdated colors, don’t be afraid to repaint it with something lighter. It’s pretty amazing how painting your walls, ceiling, or kitchen cabinets can completely shift the lighting in the room. 


Add some mirrors.

Mirrors provide many benefits, especially if you are selling your home. Not only do they make a room feel bigger (home staging pro tip!), but they help natural light reflect and brighten the home. Check out some different mirror styling design tips and consider adding one or two around your home – without creating a “fun house” effect, of course. 


Consider construction.

Sometimes small changes don’t cut it. If your house is older, most likely the windows and doors are smaller. Consider reinstalling larger windows or reinstalling new doors with windows. Skylights also have a major impact on a living room, kitchen, or bathroom. 


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