Questions to ask a Realtor Before You Hire

February 8, 2022

Questions to ask a Realtor


When hiring a realtor, you are likely looking for one key thing – saving money. If you are selling your home, you want it to happen as quickly as possible at the least amount of cost to you. On the other hand, if you are in the market to buy a home, you want to close at the best price possible. In both situations, you want to have the best realtor available. Picking a realtor can be challenging if you don’t ask the right questions. Here are questions to ask a realtor before you hire.


How often will you be in touch?

Throughout the home buying and selling process, it’s crucial to have open lines of communication with your realtor. A good real estate agent will have no trouble giving you frequent updates on what they do for you during your home selling or buying process. You should not have to chase them down for answers. Daily calls throughout the process should be all but a certainty.


What do you do differently?

There are plenty of active realtors from which to choose. The key is what can this realtor do for you that others cannot. Each realtor has a unique way of doing business. Therefore, you want someone who will go above and beyond the norm.


Will they represent both the buyer and seller?

Sometimes you will come across a realtor representing both the buyer and the seller during the home transaction. This is commonly called double ending the transaction. Though not unethical, this situation may not be in your best interest. You will want to know how your realtor will handle it if it happens to you.


How many homes have you sold similar to mine?

Every home is different, and so is every neighborhood. By asking this question, you will find out two things quickly. First, have they been able to sell homes similar to your home and its price range? Second, what is their track record for sales in your neighborhood? No two areas are alike. Some are inherently harder to sell than others.


Are you full or part-time?

This also plays into their availability. If a realtor is only part-time, they may have other things that consume their time. Though they have every right to do this, it may mean their availability is limited.


Asking the right questions and considering their responses will go a long way to ensuring you pick the right realtor for you! By choosing the right realtor, you should lock in the best price for the market conditions you are currently in. If you’re looking for a realtor to buy a new home or sell the one you now own, I can help. Let’s talk! Call me at 717-253-3259 (cellphone) or visit my website at