Reasons to Move to Adams County

June 1, 2022

Are you considering a move to Adams County? Great choice! With a booming local economy, a thriving local scene, rich history, and stunning scenic views, this central Pennsylvania gem is a great place to raise a family, establish a career, or even retire. 


Regardless if you are on the fence or are definitely ready to take that step, we put together some positive reasons to make a town in Adams County your new place to call home.


Rich history.

This may be obvious since Gettysburg happens to be the center of Adams County. This area is known for its rich history with The Gettysburg National Military Park, multiple Civil War museums, historic covered bridges, and so much more. Any history buff would love to learn about one of our nation’s most historic and influential cities just by opening up the front door and walking down the street. 


Excellent education.

There are six public school districts throughout the county and various private schools. If a student is looking for education beyond high school, numerous certificate programs, community colleges, and university options are available within an easy drive. 



The thriving local economy owes a lot of its success to the surrounding farms and businesses in the agricultural industry. Aside from dairy, livestock, and typical crop operations, Adams County is known for its wide range of fruit orchards. Fruit growers offer pick-your-own options and market stands for customers to access their fresh-picked produce easily. Local restaurants, wineries, breweries, and manufacturers also use local farms for their food and products, including applesauce and juices. Not to mention, Adams County is known for its annual National Apple Harvest Festival. 


The best of both worlds.

If you are looking for an area with beautiful countryside and versatile nightlife, look no further. There are plenty of hiking trails and wineries to enjoy in the beautiful surrounding mountains. If you’re looking for quality dining, shopping, and entertainment, downtown Gettysburg contains numerous award-winning restaurants, breweries, and distilleries, plus an array of theaters, museums, and art galleries. 


Real Estate Options.

Whether you are looking to purchase a residential home, build something brand new, or are interested in a 55+ community, many options are available. 


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