Should you Paint? The Great Debate. v

August 17, 2022

Should you Paint? The Great Debate.

An ongoing question for many years – should I paint my house before selling? At this point, the better question is, “It’s 2022. Do I still have to paint my house before selling?” 


This may not be the answer you were hoping for, but each situation is different. So, we put this article together to explain why you should or should not paint your house before selling. 


Your house is your home. 

Naturally, your home contains the colors that are your style and preference – which is wonderful by the way! Don’t ever hesitate to make your home your own. It is your space, so it should bring you peace and joy. 


The caveat is if you plan to sell your home. Sometimes unique colors (indoors or outdoors) can make it harder for potential buyers to envision their style and deter them from a purchase altogether. So, if your color palette is wild and eclectic, our advice is to paint it a neutral tone. Especially if you are looking to sell quickly.


The exterior is the first impression. 

First, gauge the condition of your exterior paint. Is the paint currently chipping or faded? Is there water damage or mildew? Does the overall appearance seem lackluster? 


If you answered yes to these, it’s probably time to paint. The first impression is everything to potential buyers. If they pull up to your home and are not immediately impressed, it might be harder to make that sale. You want the exterior of your home – especially the front of the house – to be the hook that brings them inside. Remember, homebuyers often search for a move-in-ready house. This includes the paint. 


Pro tip: If you decide to paint the house, consider painting it the same color or something similar. It will require fewer coats of paint, ultimately saving you some money.


The interior depends on the room. 

What is the real reason people debate painting their home before selling? For one, it’s a lot of work. But another big reason is also the cost. Paint and supplies cost money. Hiring professional painters can cost even more. People wonder if the cost is really worth the time and effort. 


Similar to the exterior, if the interior looks run-down, it’s time to invest in painting. As far as existing color, use your best judgment. If a large, center part of your house is an eccentric color, consider painting. Potential buyers may not love the idea of a pink hallway or a teal green living room. 


If the blue in your downstairs half-bath or the multi-colored kids’ bedroom upstairs is concerning, you can always roll the dice. Some people might love the colors and they could potentially enhance the appeal of your home. Also, some buyers will paint regardless because they want to make the new house their home too. 


Of course, if you have questions when putting your home on the market, I’m happy to help determine if it’s worth painting. Looking to sell your home? You need a realtor you can trust! Call me at 717-253-3259 (cellphone) or visit my website at and let’s get started.