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The Role of a Realtor: Understanding What We Do

A realtor is essential in navigating the complex landscape of real estate transactions, serving as an advocate, advisor, and guide. Their primary responsibility is facilitating property buying, selling, or renting, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved. They possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise which allows them ...

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Why the Location of Your Next Home Matters

When searching for a new home, many homebuyers place importance on the condition of a home and the features it has to offer. While these are both crucial things to consider, the location of a home can actually serve more value than the upgrades inside.  The surrounding area, which can ...

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What Does a Low-Inventory Market Mean for Me?

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely made waves in the housing market, causing available inventory to plummet for home buyers. Employees and students were sent home to conduct their work due to social distancing. Lifestyles were shifted, which in turn altered the mindsets of homeowners and renters. Rather than put money toward ...

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