Things to Look for When Viewing a Property

October 18, 2022

Are you shopping for a house? That’s great! Buying a house is an exciting step in a person’s life. 

When searching for the right home, I’m sure you prioritize size, location, and amenities to narrow your search. But there is a completely different list to be aware of once you start viewing properties. 

Below are some recommendations of what to look out for when walking through a potential home. 


Water in the basement. 

If the home you’re viewing has a basement, be aware of water or watermarks in the basement. While water in the basement isn’t a deal breaker, it’s definitely something to be aware of, depending on the type of basement. Generally, this is noted on the seller disclosure form, but I recommend looking for it anyway, just in case. 

Age of the roof. 

If the roof looks old and run down, it may need to be replaced. Pay attention to the material and condition of the roof. If you think the house needs a new roof, that can be negotiated with the price. The last thing you want is to close on a new home and find out your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover you without a replacement six months later. 

Be aware of the floors. 

What is a dead give away there will be issues with the floor? Visible water damage. If you can see bubbles, water stains, or sagging, the floor needs some attention. It also tells you to check the plumbing situation before committing to that property. 

Storage Space. 

We’ve all been there. You’re looking at home listings, and you fall in love with the perfect house. Then you visit the property and discover the photos were deceiving about storage space. Take note of kitchen cabinets, the number of closets, and their size. Try to picture your items in the home and guess if there is enough room. Also, be aware of how large the garage, attic, or basement is for additional storage. 

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