What should I bring to an open house?

September 21, 2022


Attending an open house? Fantastic! 


Whenever I have clients who are planning open house visits or are ready to tour different listings, one of the first questions they ask is, “Is there anything I should bring?”


Yes. There are a few tools to have handy when attending an open house or showing. 


Your real estate agent.


If you are at the point in the home buying process where you hired a realtor, bring them to the open house or showing. They are your biggest resource during your search, and they can advise you with questions or concerns you may have about the home. They can also help you communicate with the seller if you are considering putting an offer down quickly. 

Pen and paper.


…or just something to take notes on. Whether you prefer to write in a notebook or take notes on your phone, be prepared to take notes about the home you’re viewing. You may think you’ll remember information about the home, but I guarantee you will forget some things. Don’t be afraid to take notes about the specifics of the home, write down questions you have for the seller, and any concerns you may have about specific areas. 


Also, ask if you can take pictures! If the owner or realtor says yes, take photos of things you like, don’t like, or just of the home in general for future planning and comparison. 

Proper footwear.

Be prepared with proper footwear. If you are viewing a home with a large property, bring comfortable shoes. Also, some sellers may request viewers remove their shoes before walking through the home. I always recommend bringing socks if you wear sandals and don’t feel comfortable walking barefoot. 

A tape measure.

Room sizes can be deceiving when empty! Don’t be afraid to measure the size of a bedroom, living room wall, outdoor deck, or anything else you see. If you own a special piece of furniture or a very large sectional couch that’s coming with you, knowing the room size in advance is critical. Also, measure door width and height. Older homes don’t have standard measurements, so it’s good to be aware. 


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