Benefits of Selling a Home in the Winter

November 16, 2022

Benefits of Selling a Home in the Winter

Considering listing your home this winter? Believe it or not, winter is a great time to list your home for sale – even as the market shifts. 


If selling your home this winter is something you’re thinking about, here are some benefits to consider as you weigh your options. 


Inventory can drop.

This time of year, fewer people are selling houses. People want to hunker down for the winter and not think about moving in the cold weather. Still, that doesn’t mean everybody feels this way. People are always hunting for a new house, and selling your home while inventory is scarce will definitely push your listing to the top. 


A snowy appeal.

Living in the Mid-Atlantic means a high likelihood of snowy winters. Some people may not be fond of this, but you can take beautiful exterior shots of your home as you prepare for a listing. Fresh snow on a beautifully staged home can be eye-catching, allowing the buyer to see what the house looks like during winter. 


January = Job Relocations

Companies often use the beginning of the year as a chance to restructure. Sometimes, employees are relocated and need to find a home quickly – use this to your advantage. 


New Year’s Resolutions

Speaking of the first of the year, many people use this time as an opportunity for the “new year, new me” mindset to take effect. Many buyers are motivated to jump into a new home, enroll their kids in a new school, and have a fresh start. 


Houses tend to show better.

Similar to the appeal of snow, houses also show better during the winter months. Whether it’s holiday decorations, a beautifully lit fireplace, or the overall snowy appeal, homes present a very cozy, inviting atmosphere during the winter months – in other words, an easy way to entice your buyer. 


Pro tip: Fresh-baked cookies during an open house are delicious and smell fantastic throughout the home!


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